Every night I’m haunted,
Haunted by the unbearable nightmares,
Nightmares about the sleepless nights I spent under the bed
About the countless nights I’m made to be a punching bag
Horrors of the melancholic screams that always fall on deaf ears
My mind is tormented,
My glass heart shattered

I am scared!
Scared to even sleep
Scared to show my face
Because of the scars that i have
Scars that I’ll have to live with until I see my grave
Scars that will remind me of what I’ve been through
Though he may have scarred me
The venom that came from his mouth left me discomfit
It murdered my soul.

The shattered pieces still break even more
I’m nothing but broken
My heart bleeds each day, cut by the glass
I break down all the time,
I can’t hold it in
I’ve been objectified,
I feel less human, unworthy
The words keep ringing in my head
“You are nothing!”

Maybe that’s what i am
Or maybe it was meant to be
I’m unable to face people
I am a disgrace on the face of the earth.
He spat on my face!
Screamed at me!
Even the gods of the soil have forsaken me
I have no tears left to cry
Because streams have dried up
Leaving evidence of their existence on my face
Its just silent sniffs and unheard screams




On and on and on
I keep going,
Deeper than before
I keep falling,
Drawn to her by her glorious aura
But I’m intimidated by her undying confidence
I’m living on the edge wishing i could fall over,
Wondering if ever I’m competent.
Here i go again!
Falling, falling , falling in love
What do I have to do to prove my love
She shatters my confidence even in her absence
I fear I might cringe and crumble in her presence
What manner of love is this that turns me to a bard?
I really think I’m losing my mind
Every morning she’s who I think of
And every night, who I dream of
Everyday who I wish to see
But fear keeps me at a distance



We’d always owned the car, and we were happy
Had a foreign Chauffeur, and it wasn’t so messy
He drove it with care and maintained it,
He washed everyday and insured it
Made the roof starry,
Handstiched leather seats, exquisite and cozy
Made it priceless, until everyone wanted to own it

At one time he made us feel delighted
Then the other hundred times made us to suffer
Took all the joy and shoved it in our faces
Only to make our car look pretty and presentable
Unnecessary but necessary evil.
But could we blame him?
He was just a foreigner, with a vision

Of course, he tipped his passengers with a coin
And drove them whenever there was an appointment
It made them mad, because they now wanted to drive it
‘It was so awesome,’ they remarked
But felt they were being deceived,
So they retaliated, goodbye Chauffeur!
Journey is over!

Elected a local, he became the new Chauffeur,
Well trained mechanic, he thought it needed a makeover
Garaged it, dismantled it and changed every corner
Drove it and drove it again and again
And so the damage increased
Ceiling bling, handstitched leather seats no longer what we see
Devalued and worthless
Just another rugged piece of metal on the streets

Our hearts and eyes are filled with regret and tears
But our proud Chauffeur drives on and on
But the brakes are gone
On a steep slope our car coughs again and again
Its like the end of the game
But like the calm before the storm
Their anger, their grief and their hate will be unleashed on the Chauffeur
Who has crashed their dear old,
Rolls-Royce Rhodesia.


She’s Pretty

She’s pretty,
Foxy and witty
Skin, brown melanin
Statuesque, silly
Stole my heart with just a glance
She didn’t even try
But she’s really shy
Got a wonderful smile
Delightful laugh
She’s, funny as a comedian on drugs
Magnetic, angelic
I bet she has a halo
She’s a Godsend
Exudes love
But she’s naughty as a demon
Jolly as a shoe brush
And so kind
I love her


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton